Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great Black and White Photographers, Continued.

For the first photo, where the person (girl or boy) is jumping into the water, I like the splash and the way the water looks. Jacques-Henri Lartigue caught so much action with one simple click. It makes me want to go swim :)
I see water, splashing, legs and I imagine just having fun, maybe a few friends around laughing.
When looking at the picture I can smell the lake or creek. The water there, I love it :] I want to go to the lake now. Going along with the picture I can hear laughter, like a bunch of friends down by the lake having fun. Maybe some music in the background. I usually get a mouthful of urine infested lake water, I get that taste (bleh). I feel the warm lake water surrounding me, and the sun burning down on my face.

On the second photo, with the woman it was her intensity that caught my attention first. She looks so classy, I wanna look all fancy like her! She looks so sad but shes still intense.! :D
This picture is exactly what I imagine sadness as. Kind of a romantic tragedy, like Edward Scissorhands. Her husband maybe just died. I can smell the rose and flowers and the smell that a closed off room has when there's a dead body somewhere in it. Maybe you know what I mean? I cant explain it as well as I wish I could. I hear silence, so, nothing, a few sniffles every now and then. Some lady sobbing very loud. Jeez, flashbacks. I just got shivers.. I cant make sense of it but whenever there's a death around I get a numb, kind of irony taste, like when you bite your tounge and blood just ozzes out. A bitter sweet picture most definatly.

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