Thursday, May 20, 2010

Architeture Shoot




Angles and Shapes-


Summer Interview story

Summer vacation is exactly what students and school employees need after a long school year. It’s a time of swimming, sleeping in, and all around relaxing.

No matter how different everyone might be we all have the same common goal to go jump in the pool on a hot Texas summer. “I love swimming at Barton Springs and the lake.” Said senior Catherine Taylor, Senior Mike Canales says “I love the pool, it’s better than Barton.”

When it comes to spending the days some people like to be outside, in the sun getting sweaty, while others would prefer being inside in the AC, playing video games. “I plan on spending my time outside, inside is so boring.” Catherine said, while Mike had to say “Playing video games with my friends” was his favorite part of summer.

Everyone maybe different but over the summer their goals are the same, to stay cool and have fun.


Friday, April 30, 2010

My Story-

Summer Vacation Questions-
1. Where do you plan on spending your Summer days at the most?
2. Any shows you plan on seeing?
3. Are you going on any vacations?
4. Do you like to spend time inside or out in the sun?
5. Do you go to the beach often? If so, what are your favorite things about the beach?
6. What are some of your favorite summer memories?
7. What are your favorite summer songs?
8. Do you plan on getting a summer job?
9. Any books your plan on reading?
10. Are you going to summer school? (for what?)
11. Do you like to tan?
12. Do you go to the pool alot?
13. What are you looking forward to more than anything?
14. Do you like to go camping?
15. Do you have any summer rituals you follow?
16. Traditions?
17. Do you have a favorite summer outfit? Why is it your favorite?
18. Do you plan on going to schilter bahn?
19. What is your schilter bahn?
20. Are you going to be super disappointed when summer's over? Are you excited for the new year?

Three people I will interview-
Mannie, Shannon and a Teacher.

It's going to be an news story on favorite things about summer and plans.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Action shoot.


Ethan runs circles around the camera, showing off his impressive donut skills, after his great round in basketball game Friday night. He made 12 puzzling attempts for half court, it was funny.

Ashley focuses on the net arms up and ready to shoot a free throw after being knocked down and thrown across the floor. She made the two free throws and those two points put them far enough in the led and they won the game!
Anything photo-

Ethan dribbles up to the net in a successful attempt for a three pointer. Those three points really helped the team out and put them back on top.

Friday, April 16, 2010

next shoot-action/sports

Runner ups-
Name of photographer - Alyssa Schukar
General focus of portfolio (photoj, sports, stories, etc.)- People, sad situations.
List three problems that the judges note with the portfolio - All the pictures were at a distance, the were the same, it didn't have much emotion.
List two things the judges like- backgrounds,
What is your overall impression? What did you like or not like?- I liked the pictures overall, she focused on some serious things and did a pretty good job capturing it, but like the judge said all her pictures are from far away and aren't very personal.

Name of photographer - Carlos Delgado
General focus of portfolio (photoj, sports, stories, etc.)- people, sports, illness,
List three problems that the judges note with the portfolio - content, out of focus, lighting.
List two things the judges like- content,
What is your overall impression? What did you like or not like? The photographer had some really great shots and had some other not so great shots. I like one of his stories and the pictures of the lady with an illness and lost her arms.

Name of photographer - Jordan Murph
General focus of portfolio (photoj, sports, stories, etc.)- sports.
List three problems that the judges note with the portfolio - silhouettes, bad picture story, angles
List two things the judges like- lighting, composition,
What is your overall impression? What did you like or not like? The photography was good, kind of boring and the story wasn't too great at all.

Name of photographer- Justin Mott
General focus of portfolio- people, stories.
Three problems the judge notes- focus, cut off head,
Two things the judges liked- terrible situtaion/mind blowing, compostiton
Overall impression- very good photography and story.

What did the judges note as strengths as they were critiquing it?
Focus, meaning, lighting.

What do you see as strengths? Do you see any weaknesses?
The photos caught the story and had very good composition. I didn't see too much weakness.

Contest Recap-

Briefly describe the process the judges went through in deciding the winner.
They went over any of the ones they liked and looked at focus, composition and what not and figured which had the best.

Part Two Individual images-
1. Describe one photo that you agree with the judges on. Explain why you and the judges do or do not like it.
The boxing one that he got punched in the face. It is really good and powerful.

2. Describe one photo that you do NOT agree with the judges on. Explain why you think the judges are wrong.
In part one- the one where the surfer has fallen off the board and is flipped over. They thought that it could have been saved but I really liked it and thought it was fine.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My interview with Kelly Parker

Student of the Month-
1. On average how much do you study a week?

Answer- "I don't study"

2. How proud are your parents of you?

A- "Very proud, they're surprised."

3. Do your parents push you and encourage you?

A- "They are very encouraging"

4. How do you react to low grades?

A- "I go to the teacher and ask for extra credit"

5. Do you feel like you really earned student of the month?

A- "I think I am very deserving."

6. What inspires you to do so good?

A- "I look forward to college."

7. Does having a boy(girl)friend distract you?

A-"Yes, it distracts me."

8. Do you still have a enough time for your friends?

A- "I always hang out with my friends so yes."

9. What's your favorite class?

A- "Photo journalism, cause we can goof off."

10. Do you have any secrets to such a successful grade?

A- "I do my school work."

11. What college do you hope to go to?

A- "Texas state, cause it's a good school and close to where i live."

12. Have you been doing good in school for a long time? How long?

A- Since I was in Elementary school"

13. What is more important to you popularity or smarts?

A.- "Smarts, I honestly want to be smart, not or nerd though."

14. How much time do you spend in the library?

A.- "I never go to the fucking library"

15. Do you have a schedule you follow?

A. "No, I just take everything day by day."

16. Any kind of routines you have in the morning to jump start your day?

A.- " I take a shower first thing in the morning"

17. Do you eat any kind of brain foods?

A- "I like fruit."

18. Do you see yourself as a role model?

A.- "I think I'm somebody someone could look up to."

19. What do you want to be when you get older?

A.- " A teacher, hahah. I really do! I'm going to be a teacher."

20. How long have you had this plan?

A.- "Since sophomore year."