Thursday, April 8, 2010

My interview with Kelly Parker

Student of the Month-
1. On average how much do you study a week?

Answer- "I don't study"

2. How proud are your parents of you?

A- "Very proud, they're surprised."

3. Do your parents push you and encourage you?

A- "They are very encouraging"

4. How do you react to low grades?

A- "I go to the teacher and ask for extra credit"

5. Do you feel like you really earned student of the month?

A- "I think I am very deserving."

6. What inspires you to do so good?

A- "I look forward to college."

7. Does having a boy(girl)friend distract you?

A-"Yes, it distracts me."

8. Do you still have a enough time for your friends?

A- "I always hang out with my friends so yes."

9. What's your favorite class?

A- "Photo journalism, cause we can goof off."

10. Do you have any secrets to such a successful grade?

A- "I do my school work."

11. What college do you hope to go to?

A- "Texas state, cause it's a good school and close to where i live."

12. Have you been doing good in school for a long time? How long?

A- Since I was in Elementary school"

13. What is more important to you popularity or smarts?

A.- "Smarts, I honestly want to be smart, not or nerd though."

14. How much time do you spend in the library?

A.- "I never go to the fucking library"

15. Do you have a schedule you follow?

A. "No, I just take everything day by day."

16. Any kind of routines you have in the morning to jump start your day?

A.- " I take a shower first thing in the morning"

17. Do you eat any kind of brain foods?

A- "I like fruit."

18. Do you see yourself as a role model?

A.- "I think I'm somebody someone could look up to."

19. What do you want to be when you get older?

A.- " A teacher, hahah. I really do! I'm going to be a teacher."

20. How long have you had this plan?

A.- "Since sophomore year."

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