Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Interview questions

20 questions on school uniforms-
Sources- Mr. Girard, Mr. Bacom, Ms. Vega.

1. Are teachers going to have the dress code too?
2. Why are you having high schoolers who are practicly adults dress how you want them to?
3. How does uniforms help the school?
4. Do you honestly believe uniforms will boost someone's self esteem?
5. How should the dress code address trans-genders?
6. Do you think dress codes take away a students freedom of expression?
7. What are some positive things about uniform?
8. What are some negatives?
9. Will the dress code affect any piercings or hair colors?
10. Do you think it should?
11. What actions will be taken against people who do not follow dresscode?
12. Will uniforms in force better discipline?
13. Do uniforms make students more equal social wise?
14. How do you expect to get students to follow the dress code?
15. Why is this necessary?
16. Why does a students attire matter to the school?
17. Who is the school to tell a student they can't wear what they want?
18. Do you think a school has the right over students clothes?
19. What is the problem about dress code that a uniform is needed?
20. Do you think dress code will improve students grades.

Student of the Month-

1. On average how much do you study a week?
2. How proud are your parents of you?
3. Do your parents push you and encourage you?
4. How do you react to low grades?
5. Do you feel like you really earned student of the month?
6. What inspires you to do so good?
7. Does having a boy(girl)friend distract you?
8. Do you still have a enough time for your friends?
9. What's your favorite class?
10. Do you have any secrets to such a successful grade?
11. What college do you hope to go to?
12. Have you been doing good in school for a long time? How long?
13. What is more important to you popularity or smarts?
14. How much time do you spend in the library?
15. Do you have a schedule you follow?
16. Any kind of routines you have in the morning to jump start your day?
17. Do you eat any kind of brain foods?
18. Do you see yourself as a role model?
19. What do you want to be when you get older?
20. How long have you had this plan?

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