Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Interview story

Summer vacation is exactly what students and school employees need after a long school year. It’s a time of swimming, sleeping in, and all around relaxing.

No matter how different everyone might be we all have the same common goal to go jump in the pool on a hot Texas summer. “I love swimming at Barton Springs and the lake.” Said senior Catherine Taylor, Senior Mike Canales says “I love the pool, it’s better than Barton.”

When it comes to spending the days some people like to be outside, in the sun getting sweaty, while others would prefer being inside in the AC, playing video games. “I plan on spending my time outside, inside is so boring.” Catherine said, while Mike had to say “Playing video games with my friends” was his favorite part of summer.

Everyone maybe different but over the summer their goals are the same, to stay cool and have fun.


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