Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ehtics in fashion photography

In the dove commerical, not only did they; do her make up, her hair, but they also changed her face. They made her neck longer and skinner, her eyes wider and bigger, her acne disappear, her chin smaller, her cheeks skinners, and her cheek bones higher and more noticeably.
I do not think this is OK in any case. Dove itself is suppose to be about natural beauty, not about being made beautiful. While I was watching this film, I could not help but think that the woman before really wasn't that pretty, and I began to point out everything that was wrong with her. Is that right? NO, it's not. That idea of beauty has been placed into our head but these stupid ad's. You should feel comfortable how you look without all the makeup.
In a before and after it might be OK. If a person has alot of acne or they are having a really bad break out, its probably OK.

The difference between photojournalism and fashion photography are; that photojournalism should capture the truth, even if its not considered beautiful or even acceptable.

Photojournalism is connected to reality by the truth, and fashion photography is connected by the beauty in people and even the materialistic aspect of it.

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