Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photoshop manipulation-Ethics

A university was trying to show that it was diverse, and they attempted to show that by making a brochure. The brochure had a football stand with alot of white people cheering, and then they digitally placed a black man in the stand behind them, cheering. They definatly did not get the point of them being diverse across, and it was obvious that they had placed him in there.

I think what they did was wrong, but at the same time, I dont see why it would be so bad. They were trying to show that they are diverse, and there isnt anything really wrong with that, they should have found a black student there, and make it more realistic. Instead of pasting a head and saying he was there.

This picture is showing that the soldier was trying to keep them calm, or making sure they were in control, but in the pictures before the soldier was pointing the gun at the man,threatening him. How is that right?

In this picture they are just trying to make look better, how would this show anything about the ethnic? They wanted the two pyramids both the show. I think it captures it more then just one pyramid.

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