Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 W'S and H on Wounded Pilot

Who? A British Pilot
Who is involved? The pilot, people on the plane, terrorists.
Who does/did the situation affect? It affected everyone on the plane and
Who said so? The pilot and passengers.

What? After getting shot he continues to fly and land the plane safely.
What is happening? A injured pilot landing the plane safely.
What did happen? A pilot got shot in the head
What are the consequences? He is injured
What is different about this? No matter how hurt he was he was able to fly to safety.
What are the choices? Lie down and give up or keep on flying.

When? March 7, 2010
When did or will this happen? March 7, 2010
When was this discovered? The same day.

Where? On a plane.
Where did or will this happen? On a plane.

Why? Because terrorists are bad people.
Why did this happen or will it happen? The countries are at war and are really evil to each other, this probably will happen again.

How? The pilots helmet saved him.
How did it or will it happen? The bullet was stopped by the helmet and did not go through his head.
How much does it cost? Whatever the hospital bill is.
How many people does this affect? It effects the pilot and probably traumatized a lot of the passengers.
How do you feel about this? I feel bad because the pilot got shot in the head, but I'm happy it did not kill him.

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