Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oscar winner 5 w's and H-

Who? The Oscars and the "Hurt Locker"
Who is involved? All "Hurt Locker" crew, all crew from the Oscars.
Who does/did the situation affect? The Hurt Locker crew and all movie makers involved in the Oscars.
Who said so? People who voted.

What? "Hurt Locker" getting about nine nominations.
What is happening? The movie "Hurt Locker" did very good and got a lot of Oscar Nominees.
What did happen? The Hurt Locker got a bunch of Oscars.
What are the consequences? Other movies are disappointed will Hurt Locker Crew is very happy.
What is different about this? The Hurt Locker kicked butt.
What are the choices? All the other movies involved.

When? During the Oscars.
When did or will this happen? Every year.
When was this discovered? Eighty something years ago.

Where? At the Oscars.
Where did or will this happen? The Oscars, every year.

Why? Because "Hurt Locker" was a really great movie and got a lot of nominations.
Why did this happen or will it happen? People like to give congrats to good movies.

How? People vote.
How did it or will it happen? People vote and they are counted up to see who got the most.
How much does it cost? It costs a lot for the production and everything.
How many people does this affect? A lot, who ever is making the movies and stuff.
How do you feel about this? I don't.

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