Friday, March 26, 2010

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Richard Lee who founded and the millions of suportors working to legalize marijuana have a very good chance of making it happen in the state of California. They are going through many steps and processes in trying to make the legalization of the healing of the universe legal. They has been many protests and a bill has been introduced. After a lot of fighting, discussion and working towards this goal it is happening, or there is a great chance of it happening.. If they were to legalize marijuana California would make so much money off of this, selling and growing hemp itself. They have their own resource to make everything with. Marijuana smokers and supporters have been working hard to get the chance to smoke freely and feel good and now the chance is coming. The rules for being able to grow is that the room where you grow it has to be 5ft by 5ft. The legal age to put that marijuana to use is 21. I am very happy about this, this is excellent news and I can only hope this revolution will spread to Texas.

Elements of News
Proximity: The county fair and rodeo being in town.
Prominence: Hannah Montana! Is really Miley Cyrus.
Timeliness: The process of the legalization of marijuana in California.
Oddity: A parrot gives birth to a baby bat.
Consequence: Thunderstorm in the Austin Area.
Conflict: The war in Iraq.
Human interest: Marijuana is made legal in all of the U.S. !

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