Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 w's & H on Draft pick

Who? quarterback, David Carr
Who is involved? The San Fransisco 49er's, the coaches, draft pick.
Who does/did the situation affect? The situation affects the 49er's and David Carr
Who said so? The coach.

What? David Carr playing for the 49er's.
What is happening? Some players don't want David Carr playing with them and don't see the point.
What did happen? The players decided they would be fine with David Carr playing and they just want to win.
What are the consequences? A little resentment from the players, some trouble for the statements made.
What is different about this? Some team mates do not see the point in him playing.
What are the choices? To play for the 49er's or not.

When? 2002 draft pick.
When did or will this happen? Every year when drafting comes around.
When was this discovered? 3/07/2010

Where? The 49er's office and what-not.
Where did or will this happen? NFL headquarters

Why? Because Teams try to better themselves with different players.
Why did this happen or will it happen? Teams draft different players when they are trying to make their team better and try things out.

How? An agreement is made
How did it or will it happen? People talk about it, make decisions and agreements.
How much does it cost? It depends on how much the player wants to get paid for it.
How many people does this affect? It affects the team, the players, the coaches and fans.
How do you feel about this? I. do. not. care. at. all.

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